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Mashiah joins the World Economic Forum Israeli – Palestinian Business Council


Dead Sea, Jordan May 18th 2007:

A number of Palestinian and Israeli CEOs announced in collaboration with the World Economic Forum the official launching of the Israeli – Palestinian Business Council as one of its affiliated communities. The Council is established from the foremost Business leaders in both Israel and Palestine and hopes to advance the relationship between the Israeli and Palestinian business communities towards having more impact as an active community in shaping the future and destiny of this important region edging closer to peace and co-existence.

Naava Mashiah has joined the Israeli Palestinian Business Council. The Council hopes to energize the two vital economic players in both Israel and Palestine towards an agenda that promotes reason and dialogue in the efforts of advancing reconstruction and economic revitalization for the region’s economies. The Private Sector in both societies is an integral stakeholder in the wider context of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Both communities enjoy leverage and credibility amongst their respective constituents. The Business Council should constitute a platform enabling the two business communities to work together under the umbrella of the Forum to devise a strategy for more cooperation and bilateral intervention in the issues affecting the respective agenda of the two peoples on both the social and economic fronts.

"We are mindful of the deep rift and difficulties governing the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis. However, the business community has a lot at stake if a political stalemate continues, we do not offer political solutions, but we constitute a community that is able to provide some measure of direction and practical solutions to issues affecting our region, while hoping that a final settlement brings all parties towards the achievement of a peaceful end to this conflict premised on the two state solution" said Walid Najjab Palestinian Co-Chair of the Business Council.

"The Business Community in Israel is sensitive to all issues in our environment. As business people, we are not dealing with political issues and solutions, yet we feel an urge to be positive elements of change and hope. We are eager to find an institutional framework with our Palestinian counterparts to reach some common platforms and offer a wide array of solutions and practical ideas to help sustain a basic presence and influence in the wider Palestinian – Israeli relationship. We are cognizant of the past but we are more interested in the future, we believe our Palestinian colleagues also want to create a better future, we see no reason to be hesitant. If the World Economic Forum helps us to continue to be more active on the world stage our message should not then be ignored or belittled" said Mr. Amos Shapira, Israeli Co-Chair of the Business Council.

The Business Council is setup of 10 Founding Members from both the Palestinian and Israeli Business communities and is expected to attract a wider membership base from Business leaders from both communities in the weeks and months ahead.


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