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Former senior officials Naava Mashiah is the founder and CEO of ME LINKS SARL and has been deeply involved in MENA business development for over twenty years.
Commencing her career as a diplomat in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Ms Mashiah gained international experience in intercultural communication and negotiation.
In the year 2000, Naava established
ME LINKS based in the Eastern Mediterranean as a platform of business development between Israel and MENA countries.

Naava is a participant in Track II meetings and international conferences which including leading figures from MENA countries both in Government and Business leaders.
She has been invited to speak at international conferences about
‘The Role of Economics in Peacemaking in the Middle East’

Naava is a frequent commentator on MENA affairs and has been published in both regional media outlets and international media. Her articles have been translated to Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, French, Indonesian, Turkish. Naava has been featured in NY TIMES, FORBES, and GLOBES.